Monday, October 12, 2009

First snow

NOTE:These photos are from today and a couple days ago.

Well, we skipped the whole fall foliage part of the season - The streets are covered with green leaves. The shrub by the back door will probably hold its frozen green leaves until spring.

The girls are quite put out. Tweety and Jane were very vocal on where they were choosing to place the blame for this turn of events. All of them stood in the doorway for about 20 minutes. I passified them with warm breakfast of corn and oatmeal. But they were still squawky for the entire morning.

This is the wire cover to the hen yard. It should melt this afternoon or else I will have to knock it down so it won't collapse. But from the upstairs window it looks like a white roof.

After spending the night accidentally locked in the garage, Butters was also unimpressed by the icy ground. He spends a lot of the time in the chicken run - trying to catch one of squirrels that are always after the veggies etc we toss in. He is of yet unsuccessful, but I expect to see one laid out on the back step before spring.

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