Thursday, October 29, 2009


It seems that at some point in any historical novel - literature or otherwise- the family home of the protagonist is described. Always it has been in the family for generations, with each patriarch adding on in a tasteful manner. Each addition is blended into the previous so the wide variety of styles seem to be congruent.

This is not one of those type of houses.

In these same books, the antagonist is not so lucky. Invariably each generation adds on to their family seat with no style or technique and the home is an eyesore to the whole countryside. Even the local merchants are outraged. Although sometimes it is the young innocent ward of the villian that lives there also - before falling in love, of course, with the heir to the other home.

The hens have something closer to this ideal.

Above is the newest add on. Hubby opened the dog door into the garage and set a dog crate on blocks and lined the bottom six inches with cardboard before adding hay. With the weather turning colder and the rain continuing we thought another dry area was in order.

Maybe we should have named her Jane Eyre instead of Jane Doe.

Oh - Tweety continues to lay an egg every 2 or 3 days. As of yet she is the only one. But they are not quite 20 weeks old so this is just a bonus.

Mesha loves having a couple of these pullet eggs over easy for breakfast - they are just her size.

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