Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Instant stress relief

I love my chickens

Well, I suppose that is obvious since I avoid Facebook like the plague yet I have this blog!

But knowing they are at home is very calming to me. I cannot take customer's anger personally when I know Tweety is going to beg for food like a small dog as soon as I walk in the gate.

They are only chickens, but I feel the importance of our symbiosis way more than I do with the cats or the hamster. If I care for them they will help feed me. What an amazing relationship! It is now that I realize, for all of my cooking from scratch and growing a few tomatoes, how little connection I have to that which sustains me.

It makes me question whether I really need that brownie mix whose label I cannot read.

Well yes, I do.

But maybe I don't need the whole pan.

It's a start.

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