Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bloody Hell!

Wait, I changed my mind. Let's go back to September for a couple more weeks.

I could see my breath this morning.

I took my trusty coffee cup (handwarmer - I have NO idea where my box of winter gloves etc are) outside to "do the morning chores" The hens glared at me from their roost. Like it was MY idea that it is 45 degrees in their coop. The leaves on the birch in back and the maple in front are still as green as can be - I don't think they got the memo. But then again neither did I.

I'm still rooting for an Indian Summer.

To placate the girls I threw down some cracked corn on their morning zucchini, leftover oatmeal with hot chocolate and mash. I've had the jar for near a year "Earth Tones" dent corn we got from our CSA last growing season. I wasn't sure what to do with it. The kernels are beautiful in, as the name implies, earthy colours. But if I ground them altogether - well, muddy brown cornbread doesn't seem to appetizing. So the hens graciously forgave me for the weather and attacked their breakfast like it would run away at any minute.

By the afternoon they were back to normal. But roosted by 7pm. It gets dark so fast now.

Seriously, "REDO!"
(fairly odd parents reference there)

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