Monday, September 28, 2009

Chick Fight!

It's hard to tell, but Shelly and Jane Doe are circling each other. Shelly seems to pick fights with all the hens except Tweety. Well - it is more of a choreo- graphed dance ala West Side Story. All puffed up posturing and rebel yells (squawks?). At some point Shelly will turn her back - like she forgot the other girl is there - and suddenly puff herself up and hop/fly at her current adversary stopping just before contact is made. Then it is Jane's (or Mina, or Daffodil) turn. This can go on for 10 minutes - with reruns throughout the day.

I will post more pictures as I can get them. But my camera argues the point. With the standard 3x zoom, by the time I get close enough to get a good shot they stop what they are doing and look at me heads cocked "What? We weren't doing anything!" before running off giggling (cackling?) Come to think of it - kind of like my children. Then there is the shutter lag time - oh you wanted that picture? My camera mocks me. But it is too funny to miss. Maybe I need video with music (the Jets song comes to mind).

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