Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stupid people tricks

So I locked the keys to the coop in the coop.

The chicken yard was originally a dog run for a large mastiff (that was a little redundant). The fence is 6' chain link on the inside with lattice on the outside and wood framed. For chicken safety and our sanity Chris stapled chicken wire on the top.

Short of breaking the door (padlocked) that he built. There was no way in.

But I had a ace in the hole.

Nothing can keep out an adventurous 4-year old.

We were not prepared for the chicks to leave their cozy box on the front porch after 2 weeks. So there are things in the yard we have not found a home for yet. You can see the wheels that is a partially build cart. But more importantly there is a 6 foot ladder leaning against the fence next to it.

After 20 minutes of pulling staples from the wood fence between yards, I had a small opening. Mesha happily scrambled through and down the ladder. Then, stopped to check out the chicks.

Here she is with one of the Naked Necks, the Polish, and what I think is a Dominique.

I need to get spare keys. But knowing me, I will have to do this a couple more times before that happens.

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