Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome New Year

By the time Christmas rolled around, I was ready for a new beginning.  The family seemed to feel the same so on December 26 we all worked together to take the tree and all decorations down (except the Christmas cards - we (well, I) love to see our friends and family a little longer.  I never did transition the burlap wreath on the front door to Christmas from Thanksgiving theme, but it too came down.

Today we had brunch about noon.  Leftover prime rib slices from Christmas with eggs and homefries.  We let the girls have one last sleep in for the winter break from school.  (Tomorrow they will  be woken up at 7ish)

I, as usual wrote my to do list on the chalkboard - and surprisingly did quite a lot on it.  Including walking Riley about 3 1/2 miles around Ketring Lake (I think that was a surprise to both of us!) while Chris was prepping the potatoes.

After eating, Chris and I worked on our garden plan for this year.  We did not get our fall planting (except for garlic) done, but we will plant kale, swiss chard etc as soon as we have a nice day without snow on the ground.  
 My only serious goal this year is to stay on top of the garden for a REAL harvest that we can eat throughout the winter

In other news, this hens got a mirror today.

With the rooster (sadly) at his new home irritating other people's neighbors, I felt they needed something to combat winter boredom.  I had read about using a mirror and Chris has been moving this one in its gilded plastic frame from house to house for at least 25 years.  So instead of donating it (it had not been hung yet in the nearly six years we have been here)

Speaking of the hens, we are getting 6-8 eggs a day from our 8 girls.  Not bad for winter.  The light has been on near constant the last few weeks as it has been cloudy during the day and in the single digits at night.  I hung an egg count list on the fridge to track the eggs and see what they are costing us after feed and straw costs.  The electricity has been lumped into the house expense for now.

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