Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Goals

Since we did nothing on our 2015 goal list, it transferred quite nicely to 2016.

With changes, however.

 I removed getting 2 cords of wood - until we have a fireplace insert for actual heat having wood to heat the house this goal is pointless.  But I would like to have good storage for the wood we do have.  The free racks made with 1x1's we have are breaking and we have tied them to the deck to keep them from leaning.

I also removed 1/2 of a local pig & making ham and bacon.  We still want to do both of these things, but it is not really a focus.

I also would like a proper garden shed.  We are thinking build on the east wall of Chris's blacksmith and tool shop.  Right now we are using the old playhouse chicken coop - needless to say the lawnmower does not fit.  Heck - I barely fit, so tools do not often get put away.

Plant a hedgerow.  We wish to separate our upper yard into a traditional suburban oasis from our lower yard (urban farm)  A hedgerow of various flowering shrubs could give us a physical barrier that we need.

The last thing added to the list, building a garage, is a long shot.  But, to get a couple of mini dairy goats (notice they are not even on the goal list) We need to move the tools and the smithy somewhere.  Our parking area could fit 3 bays.  We could even plan it for solar power.  But unless a bag of cash falls from the sky . . .

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