Monday, January 26, 2015

Full circle

When I was in grade school my Mom usually packed me a lunch.  I had a red (orange?) Tupperware lunchbox with matching containers inside.  I distinctly remember homemade pumpkin bread and applesauce.  I would buy a small carton of milk and take out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. +

Therein was the problem.

Instead of Wonder bread, my sandwich was made of wheat bread.  Bread my Mom baked.  It didn't fit easily in the square container meant for sandwiches.  It was not soft and gummy when I chewed it.  It was not like everyone else's.

Throughout my youth Mom continued to make bread.  Although it was fantastic warm out of the oven slathered with butter and honey, I really just wished she'd get store bought bread.  She would buy English muffin and occasionally French bread (for Dad's French toast)  But no Wonder bread.
When I went to college I happily paid (25¢ on sale) for QFC's store brand bread and swore if I ever had kids I would buy bread.  White bread.

Fresh out of the oven
So here I am today, making that same recipe that my Mom made.  I mostly bought wheat or multi grain breads.  But a while back I realized these breads were sweet.  Like Hawaiian bread sweet.  Ugh! Even the organic breads had that soft and gummy texture of the youthfully coveted Wonder bread.
1/2 hour later
So excerpt for the occasional English muffin, French bread & sourdough I will try to do to my children what was done to me.

The difference is, they seem to appreciate it.

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