Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Blood

Our flock started in April of 2011, so this year we will be replacing Alice, Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum and also the Rhode Island Red & Barred Rock we acquired this year.  I want to focus on high egg production, dual purpose &/or broody tendencies.  (With 2 bantam frizzle cochin roosters I am hoping for chicks)

With these traits in mind I put 2 Welsummer and 2 Iowa Blue chicks on hold at the Kiowa Country Corner.  This feed store is just under an hour away, but they have much more variety than the local feed chain (although I will end up checking out the chicks there too)  And comparing an enjoyable two hour drive with a $35 overnight shipping fee to get them via mail and I'm sold.

The Welsummer, like the Cuckoo Marans lay dark brown eggs.  I had never heard of Iowa Blue, but read that they are likely to brood, and are smaller in stature - more in line with the bantam roosters.

I will see what else is available when I get there.  I don't expect to come home with only 4 chicks.

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