Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking back

2012 goals

I call a redo!

Not done, moved to 2013 list:
System for indoor winter greens
Make bacon & ham
Have chimney swept
Cord of wood
1/4-1/2 locally raised pig
Pink pearl apple tree

Didn't do, but found an alternative
Successfully grow broccoli - but will grow more cauliflower and kohlrabi this year

 Decided not to do:
Blackberries on south property line - put up a fence instead

Done, but added to 2013 list to do again:
12 meat chickens in freezer
Apricot tree planted - but it died
Peach tree planted - but it died

Done, but realized the error of my planning:
Build attractive garden beds in back parking area - hard to water and keep an eye on

Done and crossed off list:
New chicken coop
Pear tree planted
Plum tree planted

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