Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Juju here.

Tonight as Mom walked in the backdoor after work, she annoyingly interrupted the Lego game Mesha and I were playing to ask if one of us would go get eggs.

As I said, we were playing Legos.

At first, we ignored her.

"Will somebody please go get eggs?" She repeated.

I sighed.

"Mesha, will you go get eggs... it's my turn anyway."

"Hey, I'm not wearing shoes, and you are." Mesha protested.


I stand up and slowly walk to the door.

Outside, I quickly check the coop, just to make sure there were none in there.


I open the latches on the chicken run door.

"Last chicken, or duck, to run away is the rotten egg!" I laugh, stepping inside.

The response? Quack, squawk, quack. No running, no nothing.

I find a blue egg and a white egg laying in a small hole. I find a brown one in the duck house.

I'm about to step away when I notice another egg in the opposite corner of the duck house.

I bend down and pick up the egg. It was large and white with buttery spots.

Could it be?

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" I yell, running inside. "Duck egg!!!"

"No way! Let me see!"

I hand her the egg. She studies it.

"It is a duck egg!" She says.

(Happy dance)

"Can I show Dad?" I ask. Mom gives me the egg.

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" I shout. "Look!"

"It is a duck egg." He says.

"Will you make brownies?" I ask my mom with big, pleading, puss in boots eyes. "Please?"

"No, but I will make banana bread."

"Okay..." I sigh.

Well, even with no brownies, a duck egg is a duck egg!

The duck egg (bottom left corner) and the other eggs of the day.

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