Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mutt & Jeff

The girls were skyping with Mom before bed so I brought up the Naked neck so Juju could show her Nana how much the pullet (fingers crossed here) has grown.

Her coloring is quite lovely - chocolate brown with random white feathers or black penciling. Although it does give her a more vulture like appearance than the white feathers of our previous flock.

Juju was holding here in front of the web cam when we heard it.

From the basement brooder the New Hampshire Red was protesting the disappearance of her smaller companion.


I got half way down the stairs, NN chick in hand, when she let out her own indignant chirp. And was immediately answered.

I could almost envision the NHR hopping up the steps in search of her lost brood mate. Luckily she has not yet figured out how to fly, so she was still in the box. She continued her rant after the NN was again with her.

I think I was being scolded.

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