Friday, March 25, 2011

Potato Barrels

One of my neighbors gave me his leftover seed potatoes after he ran out of room. 'Round here they go in on St Patty's Day (last Thursday). Me in my usual fashion had forgotten to order my carefully chosen varieties - but hey, free is free.

Back in one of my first gardens (done entirely in 5 gallon buckets) I grew potatoes. But this year I have 2 damaged trash cans.

With a box knife and a penny cutters I cut off the bottoms then I rinsed out the insides (after Hubby disposed of the drowned squirrel I found in one - EEEWWWW!)

After placing them in my chosen spot I filled the bottom with 3" of soil less planting medium and placed my seed potatoes about 7" apart. I then covered them with a large handful of hay and 3 more inches of soil. Finally I watered both containers with a weak organic fertilizer.

I chose a spot that would otherwise be unused as it is between the fence and a 3 ft raised bed.

I will start looking for bamboo style shades at the thrift store now so hopefully I will end up with this :

(including the squash, which will be planted nearby)

Click on this photo for a great article about this from Sunset.

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