Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eggs and the Equinox

Juju came home from school to tell us that during the full moon this week her science teacher said it was possible to balance an egg on its end. Hubby tried on Tuesday for S&G but could not get it to work. The full moon was last night and Voila!
It is on the narrower of the 2 ends, both on the tablecloth and on the bare table.

A search on Google assures me that this is an urban myth and eggs can be balanced at anytime of the year. But that sucks all the fun out of it doesn't it? Besides, most the photos I found online showed eggs balanced on the wider end and suggested using a pinch of salt on the table to facilitate this trick.

I prefer to think Mother Nature is a wondrous thing and will continue to propagate this "bad science" After all, according to science, bumblebees cannot fly. Oh wait apparently this is an urban legend too.

The truth can suck the fun out of everything.

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