Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feed Store

Yesterday I went to Anoka Ramsey Farm and Garden to pick up supplies. I love this place. It is a family run business and the only place I have found with organic feed. It feels like I imagine a mercantile would feel back in the time before Walmart. There are always a "barn" cat or two roaming in and out, demanding attention at the door and the counter. They raise and sell fresh eggs and whole chickens. Rabbits are also available. I pick up feed, scratch and straw which they carry out. One of the teenage sons was removing the straw from last years potted shubbery that will be in pristine condition come planting time in May. The first order of baby chicks and ducks were in peeping away behind the seed racks. The sign out front says "come in for lawn advice now" and the patriarch was giving sick chicken advice to another customer when I walked in. They are always friendly and thankful for my business.

This is where Mesha saw baby bob white quail last June and she has been reminding me about them ever since.

I don't buy my "farm" supplies anywhere else.

Next time I go I will see if I can get pictures.

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