Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleeping arrangements

When it first got cold, the 5 hens would line up along the top roost - keeping each other warm. But now . . .

Daffodil & Mina take the roost - in direct line of the heater. Usually Tweety is also there - but on the opposite side, below the air vent. I have tried to put another girl on the roost next to them, but unless invited by them, the 2 naked necks push the party crasher off.

Jane Doe sleeps in one of the nest boxes she has no preference between the two. She doesn't always bother scratching out a spot in the straw
and hangs over the edge.

And poor Shelly. She is the smallest and spends her nights on the coop floor. Sometimes she is right under Jane in the next box, but sometimes under a part of the roost - at least she is smart enough not to sleep directly under another hen.

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