Friday, August 14, 2009

backyard days

Here is half of our backyard. The plaything will need to go soon, Mesha is too big for it. Hubby is in the hammock, hiding I think. On the right is the small waterfall he built last summer.

It is perfect after the kids have gone to bed and there is a fire in the pit (unseen here) listening to the waterfall and the flames - if the bass from various neighbors is not too loud.

We garden by the invasive method. Our inner city yard has crap for soil and even after 5 years of composting leaves etc it still is like an oil slick when wet. So we plant all those ubiquitous plants (read free) day lilies, vinca, ferns from the alley, peonies, echinachea, sedum, morning glories, mint etc and let them fight it out amongst themselves. If it can't survive with sporadic waterings and neglect, well we don't grow it.

Well except for tomatoes. But even then we are less than nurturing.

But it still turns out looking good.

Animal Control told us so. *smirk*

The chainlink gates are for vines (the boston ivy has yet to really take off) There were peas on them earlier. Our hardscape is mostly found items. Our poor Saturn wagon is treated like a farm truck. Dirt, 8' thuja, bark - well for manure I borrow a truck, but everything else is fair game.

It is our little oasis in an otherwise crazy area.

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