Friday, July 17, 2009

permit update

Animal Control finally showed up to inspect the chicken coop and yard. This was supposed to happen before chickens were living with us. What a process.

I went to Animal Control in mid-April to get the permit. I stood in line behind a man getting a dog permit/license. It went like this. Ask his name and address. Proof of shots. $35. Done.

I had to leave my name, number and address and someone would contact me.

A week later I get a packet of papers. In it is a place for 20 of my neighbors to give their consent. If there had been an apartment building in 100 ft of my property line I would have had to talk to every renter. Luckily I don't and both duplexes near by are both vacant. 80% (or 16) had to be okay with it. (I wish the backyard breeder had to get my consent before whelping pups.) Also in the sheaf is basic poultry care guide and notice that the city can reinspect my coop at anytime and pull my permit if I am not taking proper care of my animal. (Once again the dogs next door living in their own shit . . .)

I spend a week getting signatures. I knew most of my neighbors anyway and only one did not sign. I sent it in with a check.

A week passes

Two weeks pass

Three weeks pass.

It is now 3/4 through May. I expect the chicks to arrive the first week of June. I call Animal Control who says my forms are all in order but they don't know when they will be able to inspect.

I week later I get a receipt for the check. I figure they cashed my check, I have a permit.

Anyway it is now the 2nd week of July.

We passed inspection with flying colours. Apparently the gentleman doing the dirty was shocked at how big the run is. (16x20) But, my husband tells me (I was at work) he was mostly interested in our backyard. He spent more time asking Chris about the plants, the waterfall, etc. that about our chicks.

I assume I will have a permit soon.

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