Tuesday, February 16, 2016

(Early) spring cleaning

Being an urban farm has quite a few difference from your average hobby farm.  Many are obvious (lack of a tractor for one)

To thrive in a community that does not necessarily encourage such behavior, the look of your property is very important.

We are not there yet.

We, as usual, have many 1/2 done projects around the 'ole homestead.

Today, Chris did one of them.

I wish there was a before picture.  There was about 3 wheelbarrows full of detritus - some from the surrounding plants and some from passerbys.
view from our driveway to the neighbors.  
The sad Charlie Brown thuja

And he discovered a thuja.

If you look closely at the above picture you can see it behind the large bare shrub.

We have lived here for 6 years and have never seen it before.

The green on the soil is vinca major and by summer it will have completely filled in the bare spots.  But first I will be able to dig up the dark double lilac and the white lilac to transplant into the backyard.  The black locust above them allows very little light or water to penetrate the soil, so here they are small and stunted.  In the backyard, by the deck they should do much better.

Now onto the berm in the front yard.

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