Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aww Hail!

The ice started steaming as soon as the storm was done
Averaged golf ball size hail
Greenhouse had the only real damage
 Chris and I were digging a trench to sink the new chicken fence when it started to rain.  Soon pea sized ice followed.  And it got bigger.  And more of it.  We made the run for it to the shed area when it looked like a snow storm.

Our neighbor, who has been here since the 70's said she had never seen anything like it.  The water feed for the swamp cooler was severed into multiple little pieces.  The girls shoveled locust leaves from the driveway.  The emerging buds on my echinacea were shredded.  However, the Canadian Thistle in the alley behind the vacant house looks strong and healthy.  Figures.

Other than the greenhouse, the girls' tent they have been sleeping in is now full of tiny holes, their blankets and pillows inside "either soaking wet or perfectly dry" according to Indica.

The livestock, even the hens with their limited cover were fine.

Chris and I rushed to the Ppatch.

It was better than expected.  A couple melons were lost, and a few tomatoes.  The strawberries took a beating and 1/2 the leaves on the cauliflowers were shredded, but except for one of the Trombetta squash being severed at ground level, I think all will bounce back.

We are not worried about the greenhouse, the panels are replaceable, and we were done with it for the season.  The tomatoes inside were mostly unharmed.


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