Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter arrangements

I woke up this morning with a feeling of expectation.  A glance out the window showed more snow, a surprise since new snow rarely falls on old around here. 
Luna is due.  If she hasn't kindled already, she would by the end of this weekend.   While drinking my first coffee, I checked the water forecast.  Below zero first of the week, necessitating a move for Luna and her future litter.   The adults could handle things with extra straw and wind protection, but the hairless kits would be vulnerable. 
Out into the snow I went and discovered the kits had already arrived.  5 white & 2 black.  
So into the downstairs bathroom she would go.  A small cage to hold food and water and a small rug is all that was needed to turn the guest bath into a micro barn for the next week or so.  By then the kits would have grown a fur coat and the weather should be in the double digits again.

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