Friday, October 18, 2013

Another step

When Chris and I first met I was a sous chef at a small French restaurant.  One of our specialties was lapin with dijon and tarragon.  Cooking something in mustard sauce became a running joke throughout our relationship.  In our minds we offered up dogs, cats and occasionally small children too this rich wine and butter concoction.

Today, under the watchful eye of our friend's grandfather, we processed the first litter of rabbits.  Turns out that while I have been at work, Chris has been watching YouTube and reading up on this part of raising small animals for meat.  Actually, he admitted, it was no difference than the squirrel and 'possom of his youth. 

Each rabbit took about 15 minutes and was much less mess than a chicken.  Our friends took one home, two went into the freezer and the final one was grilled and dressed with the now infamous sauce.
It was delicious.  

And Rhiannon happily ate four "drumsticks".

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