Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring appears to have arrived

Chris and I have started weeding the P-patch.

Our hill looks good, although we need to replace the straw fronting the two levels.  I planted 2 apple trees along the fence which I will try to espalier.  We signed up for another plot along the fence and need to terrace it, as I have 2 more trees on the back porch waiting.  But first I have to fight with the elm root that is sending up suckers everywhere.  I know I won't beat it, but I am of the "no leaves, no photosynthesis, no plant" mindset so I dig along the root and cut.

The idea is under the apple trees I will plant day lilies and iris (FREE from our yard) along the fence to crowd out weeds from the yard on the other side.  Add in some chives and clover, with strawberries (left by the previous caretaker of the second plot) along the edge to cascade over the salvaged wood.

Of course, tomorrow is my day off and Mother nature plans on rain.

That would make weeding easier though.

Oh oh oh - and peas are coming up in our raised bed!  And all of my greens survived being snowed on repeatedly!  And last year's fruit trees are flowering!

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