Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Fences . . .

 So today Hubby and I started putting up a fence.  There is chain link along the alley at the back of our property and our neighbor to the north has a wooden one, but the south line is open.

Juju wants the chickens to be free range.  Mesha would like to not worry about Peppers the Bunny when she takes him outside.  I would like the ducks to roam freely.

And we all would like a dog.

But first things first.

We did have help.  A friend offered up her 2 teenaged sons and they brought along a friend.  Chris and I had gotten 4 posts sunk in when they showed up which allowed me to take the girls and run errands.

Mesha also helped by poking wet concrete with rebar to get air bubbles out.  Juju did the inside chores (folding clothes, washing dishes etc) which helped out a lot.

Before bed I started reading Katz on Dogs - less about how to train but a philosophy of dog ownership.  The author was previously a mystery writer, and his well though out story telling is why at midnight, with heavy eyes, I was still reading in bed.

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