Friday, July 27, 2012

So . . what's going on at the Ppatch anyway?

Let's start with the worst.  Here is the hill that Hubby planted wildflowers 3 TIMES.  Nothing came up.  In the back are a few Mammoth Sunflowers (not so big).  On the lower right corner is a few leaves of a small orange cherry tomato plant, other than that, Nada.  So yesterday the girls and I planted the last of the brassicas that were slowly dying in their pots and 6 peach pits (Mesha's new project since her apple tree sprout died)  We have 1 bale of hay left and will mulch this weekend.

Here is the other part of the hill.  Again, sunflowers on top, sweet corn in front.  Between and not really seen is the Greek Amaranth and popcorn (still really small).

Bell Peppers are growing at the base of the straw terraces.  The plants did not get big, but they are producing.

Hubby and I rescued some beige carpet that had been abandoned in the alley for a couple weeks and cut it in strips for the rows - 1/2 our weeding is now eliminated.  The tomatoes are huge, but the heat has halted their blooming.  But we have green fruit.  There is a tripod I erected today - volunteer Grampa Otis Morning Glories.  They are COVERED with bees.  Woo Hoo!

Juju's raised bed is the star of the show.  Her mystery tomato is growing well as are the sunflowers, cosmos, and basil.  The climbing squash has reached the top of the decorative "lattice" and I connected it to Mesha's with some long branches - cross your fingers for a covered arbor in a couple weeks.  There are little J-shaped fruits and everything.

The livestock have really enjoyed the weed from ours (and our neighbors') patches.  I do get funny looks when I point to someones weed pile and say "can I have that?"

BTW - we gave 2 of the new hens to another family, they are thrilled to now have 8 and we are more comfortable with 14.

And what, you ask, was Hubby doing while the girls and I have been working so hard in the yard and garden. . .

Making wood swords for the girls to take to RenFair this weekend - nicer than anything we saw there.
Mesha's short sword and shield - with a wand holder inside the shield (she bought a wand at RenFair a couple weeks ago)  She has since painted them black with a diamond design. 
One of two Scimitars for Juju.  The handles are wrapped in hemp twine.

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