Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lazy days

My minor bike accident (read - right hand in a splint and scraped up leg) has left me off work this weekend. Which would be great except for this whole injury thing. The splint is the size of an oven mitt and gardening (as well as dish washing woo hoo) are out of the question. Of course my garden orders came in this week (Damn you Murphy!)

On the upside the girls and I walked to the history museum for dairy days. We tried fresh butter and farm cheese and saw the baby lambs. Juju liked the yogurt cheese best. And Mesha the ice cream.

After I did a little grocery shopping the girls made their own ice cream - sweetened with hot cocoa mix. We have one of those little balls that make a pint - just the right amount so they could have milkshakes with dinner.

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