Thursday, November 24, 2011


It was a quiet (and warm) day here. We had a couple neighbors over for a shared meal. While preparing food I thought about where the food came from.

1. chicken raised by us
2. pickles, cucumbers grown by a neighbor & canned by me
3. butternut squash grown by a neighbor
4. pumpkin for pie from the museum (sweetened with local honey)
5. raspberry chipolte jam made from homegrown raspberries by a friend
6. all eggs used from our hens

All else from the grocery store and Costco.


Thanksgiving was a traditional harvest festival adopted to focus on early pioneers not starving to death. I would like to have it be a harvest festival for us also. I want us to appreciate the work involved in feeding ourselves.

The girls proudly told our guests the name of the chicken we were eating (Quesadilla). Juju made the biscuits we served herself, and Mesha helped with the chocolate mousse pie.

I have 2012's goal.

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