Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's bounty

This is what the family picked while I was at work today. I am told there was more, but the cherry tomatoes picked at home were promptly eaten out of hand. There are also a dozen onions curing on the back deck, although they will be gone long before summer ends.

Hubby made a dinner with pasta and fresh garden vegetables. It was quite tasty with a bottle of Left Hand's Good Juju Ale (the ginger in the ale complementing the jalapeno in the pasta quite well) and a loaf of roasted garlic cheese bread (I made no-knead oatmeal bread earlier this week and this finished it off)

And no, the summer squash was not picked off plants we grew, of course. We did get our first Brandywine however.

The bush beans I planted last week are now a couple inches high and putting out a second set of leaves. I hope the packet was truthful saying they would be producing before October.

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