Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks to the family in Pasedina

I got sucked into blog surfing last night - looking for as much commentary for the urban homestead kerfuffle as possible. Thanks to Crunchy Chicken I found many other blogs of people like me to sift through. This may end up a time waster, or it may give me new ideas. On those nights after work and the kids and hubby are sleeping it is at least a better time waster than TV surfing.

On the home front I have been weeding - in February. Where did this month go anyway? We got our first seed order from Gurney's and 10 (3-yr) crowns of purple passion asparagus will be sent later on, but nothing else is yet ordered. The hen house is yet unbuilt. Time to get in gear - spring is acommin'

Many thanx to Alex and miss nan who helped us put the Urban in Urban Chicks Farm this last week. Hubby turned 40 and we had a swanky cocktail party.

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  1. sad to have missed it :( Happy belated birthday Chris! y'all never get too far from my rainy seattle thoughts. I was busy with a 38hr birth..still trying to gather the sleep back.
    much loves!