Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Year's end

Without the chickens I have not had much to tell this year.

Without their antics to report I am left with this for amusement:

Yes, she went to school like that.

Cadbury the Rabbit steadfastly refuses to do anything more exciting that eat the speaker wire when he is let into the house. (Sound familiar anyone?) Although we now have to tie his hutch doors shut as he has learned to jiggle them until the slide locks are open. Hmmm, note to self re-evaluate amusement factor of escape artist rabbit.

But we have also spent more time together since
our move:

So it has been a good year. Eventful, but not as blog- worthy I guess. At least not in this capacity.

But we be ordering new chicks for spring and Hubby (our "Lone Rooster") has assured me there will be a home for them when they get here.

Long live Urban Chicks Farm in 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Love that girlie's fashion sense! a gal after my own heart (says the nearly 40 yr old who still mismatches all her clothes)
    Merry Christmas! and I LOVED the pic on the card w/ the story to go with it.

    Hope 2011 is full of peaceful days and chickens